The doge that came from nothing, but born a King

What can a doge do with one dollar, can he become a Billionaire? Yes he can when a community of believers come together to support it.

We will be live on the good old BNB Chain, low gas and more global audience.

BSC Contract : 0xd1af1a07b7321c5923e9bef13e24dd77fdda4623


DOKI is an attempt to build a memecoin starting with nothing, it launched at 1 dollar market cap. Probably never ever tried before. The whole economics will be defined by the revenue generated from the taxes and community donations.

Memecoins have become a popular phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world, all thanks to the doges and inu memes. These digital currencies have taken inspiration from the memes and have gained a lot of attention from investors and traders. Despite the rise of new memes, such as the frog memes, they have not been able to change the influence of doges and inu on the memecoin market. The doges and inu memes have created a unique culture in the cryptocurrency space, and it seems that memecoins will continue to be associated with these memes. DOKI will continue the tradition of DOGE and SHIB to become a popular memecoin that came from the BSC side.


Total Supply - 1 QUADRIllion

Tax - 20/20% buy/Sell




The group of individuals who have dedicated their loyalty and commitment to DOKI. They are what Bitcoin Maxis are for Bitcoin or Shiba army is for SHIB.


Fair Launch with 1 $ in LP

Website launch

Twitter raids and shilling to spread awareness of DOKI

1000 holders

Listings on Free and paid sites

Phase 1 - Discovery

Phase 2 - HODL / BUILD / CHILL

Phase 3 -Crypto Dominance



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